Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance is Specialized

Commercial Auto InsuranceWho owns the vehicle?  Who drives the vehicle?  What type of vehicle, and how is it used?  All of these questions are determining factors in deciding  if you need Commercial Auto Insurance.  

Commercial Auto insurance is  designed for vehicles used for commercial (business) purposes.  The coverage options available to a commercial auto policy versus a personal auto policy are more substantial.  For example, a commercial auto policy has increased liability limits, up to $2 million dollars, whereas a personal auto policy doesn’t offer as much.  In addition, the sizes and uses of the vehicles covered under a commercial auto policy may be different than the sizes and uses a personal auto policy will cover.

A good commercial auto policy offers adequate liability coverage that protects your business from costs and lawsuits that may result from accidents– especially if the vehicle is used for deliveries or transporting people.  In some cases, a commercial auto policy may be written as part of a package which can provide added savings.

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