It’s A Wonderful Life Insurance

Life InsuranceIt IS a wonderful life, BUT there are only 2 certainties in life– Death and Taxes. You will die.  No one knows when.  It could be today, tomorrow or 30 years from now….but it will happen.  There is no way to plan against death, but there are ways to plan around it.  Do you have Life Insurance? 

Waiting Too Long To Get Coverage

Did you know that life insurance premiums increase the older you get? Buying sooner when you’re young, rather than later can save you a chunk of change.

As we get older, we can become more susceptible to a myriad of health issues. The cost of life insurance is based on one’s health, age  and the amount of the death benefit you want.  Many people put off this inexpensive safety net until they are much older (and it’s more expensive) and the reality of life (or death) closes in. The earlier you start the cheaper it is, so do not wait!

Here are 4 reasons why YOU should have Life Insurance:

1.  Funeral Costs- These costs can range in the thousands.  Why have your family suffer financially in addition to emotionally at your death? Life insurance will help pay for funeral and burial expenses.

2. Children’s Expenses- If you have kids, you want to make sure they are taken care of and can afford a college education. This makes it necessary to have life insurance if your kids are still at home.

3. Dependent Spouse- If your spouse is financially dependent upon you, life insurance will certainly help maintain the home and family lifestyle essentials.

4. Debts-  Most of us have them…and if you don’t, “high-five” and move on to the next blog 😉  Life insurance benefits can help cover the costs of everyday living expenses, including a mortgage.

When shopping around for life insurance, it is to your advantage to seek out an independent agent. Captive insurance agents can only sell products from one carrier. Independent agents (like us) have a much wider selection.  Simply put, we can pull from many different sources which will ensure a more competitive quote for you.

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